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nikoli8 said:
So the 7703 is the only bottom pull?
ALLL road derailleurs are bottom pull!
You don't need a triple, and definitely NOT one of those road-triple monsters.They don't do any better than MTB ones and with their longer cages can be a problem on some frames as well.

Go with a DA 7700 ! It's the older model when DA was still 9s, it has the cages wider apart so crossed chains are no problem.Paired to a lightweight clamp you are looking at around 78-95g

With down-pull every road derailleur will work.No additional adapters needed.

Pictured below:
-DA7700 with BTP clamp
-DA 7700 with aluminium 34,9 adapter: 86g
-DA cage width important to know when your run triple as chains are run more crossed than on double setups)
-DA 7700 braze-on with aluminium bolts: 69g
-34,9 braze-on adapter (17g)
-Shimano braze-on adapter 34,9 (29g - heavy!!)
-DA 7900 with integrated 34,9 clamp.That's the actual model and much lighter than most derailleurs offering perfect performance.The cages are 1mm wider than the ones of the 7800 which is shown above in that width-comparison.


1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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