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Bottom Bracket Tools

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I would like to service (lubricate) the bottom bracket on my 2006 Cannondale Prophet 400. It is starting to make the clicking sound that seems to be quite common. What special tools do I need? I have a very well stocked tool box from many years of dirt bike riding and racing but not many specialty bicycle tools yet.

Thank you…
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You can't do any servicing to your bottom bracket because it is a sealed unit .
The noise is either loose cups (they hold it in place) or loose crank arms .
Also forgot to mention , seeing how your bike is new , your LBS show tighten up, adjust or lube any loose or creaking parts for free as part of your break in period for your bike .
Pretty much every bike shop does this .
Thanks for the reply. I will take my bike back to the LBS and have them adjust or tighten things fo me. I really have been enjoying this bike a lot.
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