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Bottom bracket noise?

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Have a 4 month old Trek XCaliber 9 which has started making an intermittent clicking sound when peddling.I have cleaned and slightly greased seat post and replaced the clamp with a Salsa clamp and post is clamped up hard but the noise persists.I have now realised that the clicking stops after about 15 mins of peddling so would I be right in thinking the problem is with the BB and the clicking stops once the bearings get heated and expand slightly?
It currently has a cheapo Shimano SM-BB 52-73mm
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Man, it could be so many things, but when I hear clicking from down there, my first inclination is to check the pedal spindles.
Checked pedals and spokes, definitely think it's the BB.Mate had same problem with his Trek and when he replaced the BB the noise would go for a while but comeback after a few weeks.Eventually got rid of noise by fitting a Hope BB.
Solve problem of noise,took out cheapo (£16) Shimano BB and replaced with a Hope one now nice and quiet.:)
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The problem with the noise came back soon after putting Hope BB in,then missus was diagnosed with cancer so cycling took a back seat.
Recently started again and had another look at the noise problem.Everything in the past has been taken off and cleaned and greased.However checked the cranks by pushing them inwards towards each other and there is a definite clicking noise and also can feel the slightest of movement.
So sent an email to Trek and bike is now booked to go in to dealers to be checked over under warranty,fingers crossed.
Rarely is an offending noise what you think it is.
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Sorry to hear about your wife Oddball, and I hope she is doing well.

I think your clicking issue may have to do with some sort of 'misalignment' or 'facing' issue on the frame. It's pretty improbable that the clicking is coming from the bearings. The BB52 has a delrin insert/sleeve that isolates contact between the spindle and the bearing inner race, and the Hope, while I have no experience with them, appears to not use a sleeve so the spindle and bearing inner race have direct contact...however, I don't think that is the source of your clicking since the BB52 was also clicking.

Another constant in this is your cranks themselves. Checking the preload on the cranks, the pinch bolt torque, as well as the interface of the lockring on your cranks (looks like you have MT611's right?) are all good places to inspect since you have somewhat isolated the sound to force on the cranks.

Just throwing some possibilities out there. Good luck with the shop/Trek, and very sorry about your wifes cancer.
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Delayed update.
Thanks to Jochribs for a full reply much appreciated.
My wife has finally been given the all clear and is now in remission so time to update this thread.
Bike went into Trek the mechanic said he felt movement through the frame when I pushed the cranks inwards.So left bike with them to sort it out under warranty.When I picked it up mechanic said couldn't
really find anything wrong other than BB was a bit dry.Anyway the noise disappeared but I find it hard to believe it just needed regreasing as I had done that twice after first cleaning it.I suspect he had tightened the cranks or the BB tighter than what I had done.I had tightened them to correct torque although the drive side of BB I had to do by feel because my torque ratchet doesn't work anticlockwise.The fix lasted 4 1/2 months and has just comeback.So time to clean grease and tighten again.Will mark drive side of BB so I hopefully get the right torque.
The annoying thing is I have a 2000 GT Avalanche and all this time it has had the same cheap Shimano BB and has never made a noise.
Thanks if you're still reading this long post.Thoughts and ideas are welcome.
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