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Before I shell out some $$ - sight unseen - for a sideloader water bottle cage to fit in the limited space area on a Fisher Sugar 292/293 frame, I wonder if anyone has found one that fits in there well and still allows one to use a big bottle (Camelbak 24 oz. Podium Bottle).

I've found a few sideload bottle cages for full suspension/small frame applications online, but I would hate to shell out the bucks only to find it wouldn't fit well enough for me to be able to use my large water bottles for races. The Arundel looks good as it has additional mounting holes so I could mount it low enough in the Sugar frame to get my bottle in there. The Bontrager Carbon Side Swipe Bottle Cage looks good as well.

I guess the other option is for me to switch to the smaller bottle size and have more bottles in the drop zone.

Any advice or experience in sideloaders would be much appreciated.
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