Troy Lee Designs and Bosch eBike Systems have partnered up to launch BOOGALOO, a Class 1 eMTB race series that will take place at two of California's premier mountain bike resorts, Big Bear Snow Summit and Mammoth Mountain.

The race series will be held on two unique courses specifically designed for eMTB racers. Racers can expect near vertical ascents, big drops, obstacles, and berms that will take their eMTB skills to the limits. Each race will be divided into three classes: pro class, the Bosch "Race of Champions" class for amateur athletes, and an industry class.

"Our brand has been at the forefront of a lot of cool new disciplines of bike racing and moto racing over the years and we somehow always luck out to find great partners that share our vision for fun, but also trying something new and different in racing," said Troy Lee founder and president of Troy Lee Designs. "These pedal assist eBikes have changed my life, so I figure why not race these things."


eMTB racing - catch the fever. Photo by PB Creative Photo​

"Based on the excitement and participation at last year's Kamikaze Bike Games and Sea Otter Classic eMTB races, we think California is ready to take eMTB racing to the next level," said Claudia Wasko, GM of Bosch eBike Systems Americas.

The series kicks off July 23rd at Snow Summit in Big Bear in conjunction with the California Enduro Series and Crafts & Cranks Festival. The second leg of the series kicks off on September 16th at Mammoth Mountain in conjunction with the Kamikaze Games of 2017 USA Cycling Pro Gravity Tour.

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