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Born-again biker

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My father hadn't ridden a bike for around 50 years, so when he expressed an interest in trying it again I decided to buy him a hardtail for his 70th birthday a couple of months ago. I thought he'd just use it a couple of times each summer, but he's been riding it nearly every morning before breakfast.

Today he phoned to say he'd done a 40K (25mi) ride on off-road tracks and has a longer ride planned for next week with a buddy of the same age (ending at the pub). He's noticing a big difference in his fitness and strength. It also gets him to places he wouldn't otherwise be able to photograph. Ironically, I guess I'm feeling what parent's feel when their kid loses the training wheels. Feels good.
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What an awesome story, good for you and most of all, good for your dad:thumbsup:

I hope I'm riding when I'm 70!:eek:
I hope Im doing that good at that age too!
For his big ride, he just took his camera, a can of pop and a sandwich in what he called a "diaper bag" over his shoulder. I don't think he's getting what I mean by a Camelbak. Still, he may be onto something - maybe I should try it and market it to you guys! Maybe a camo version?

Pannier bags are probably the way for him to go, though.
AWESOME! My dad just turned 70, and I've been trying to get him out on a ride with me.

Thanks for posting.
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