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just a little whimper

After a few Endo's, including a superman into a small boulder, I'm fricking sore this morning. Fortunately you didn't get any photos of that.
All said I had a blast and looking forward to next weekend.

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Great Photo's!

Nice shots Andy; Rich & I will have to come down for a big Sandia "back side" epic very soon, hopefully you're up for some guiding..... What were the temps like? Riding up in Los Alamos on Sunday was rather toasty, even with an early a.m. start!

(BTW, the Pajarito Punishment XC course more than lives up to its name this year!)

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Robert mentioned on Thursday that you all were riding, and I knew as I declined the invitation that I'd miss a good ride. Thanks for the pics. Hopefully I can break away and join you all next time. If they ever finish the construction work on Hwy 285, I may be more inclined to make the drive down for a day's ride. Regards,
- Joe
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