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Are you kidding?

I even go to bed on many nights and start thinking about riding a particular section of Moab trail. In about a mile or less I'm sound asleep...better than counting sheep.

And when I'm driving down the highway in rural areas, I'm looking off the road and thinking how a trail might be ridden on this or that hill, river bed, or other neat feature. Probably have a rear end collision some day because of this.:D

I don't, however, think about riding my mountainbike at work. Oh...wait a minute...I'm semi-retired now and work part time at a bike shop. When I start thinking about riding my bike, I just jump on one of the shop bikes and go jump off something out back of the shop.:D's a disease that most of us probably have...but it's not fatal.:thumbsup:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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