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Bootom Bracket Choice

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Anyone have any experience with the Chris King bottom bracket? My stock BB is toast and I am in the market for a new one. I have CK hubs and headset but $125 seams a little high for a new BB. Also any info on where to purchase for the best price.
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You have a CK headset and think $125 is steep for a BB?
The BB is a far more important part of the bicycle equation.

While I think all King items are way over priced I'd buy a King BB (if I had a bike that could use one) long before I'd buy a King headset.
Chris King has developed a bottom bracket with angular bearings which prevents the bottom bracket to wear quickly from side-to-side torqueing. This bottom bracket has been 3 years in the making and is absolutely amazing. My LBS has it retailing for $280CND!!!! If I were a rich man I would definitely buy it, but since I'm not I will have to stick with a lower end BB. If thats the BB your looking at, and you can afford it, get the Chris King.
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