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No, but there are quite a few amazing beers coming out in can form. Cans are allowed at many places that bottles aren't, and take up less room. Here's one that you may have some difficulty finding....


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Nice, I'm a fan of the can. But face it man, you need a backup plan.

Also in cans:

- Oskar Blues, Dale's Pale Ale (watch out, 6.8% abv)
- 21st Amendment Live Free or Die IPA (props for leading the can resurgance)
- Maui Brewing Coconut Porter (our it over vanilla ice cream)

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Chico Brew Fest had both New Belgium and Anderson Valley representin'.

I kept trying to buy the six packs off this guy... but got only no's:

Attendance-wise it was easily the smallest brew fest I've ever been to. Which also made it the best brew fest I've ever been to :D (I'm certain there was less than 100 paying attendees)

I was drinking the Ranger non-stop. Sadly, she didn't have any cans available either.

It was a nice day for an IPA tour... and a 1 mile bike ride home... :thumbsup:

Although, I think the brewers were probably all bummed that they couldn't pour the beer fast enough to unload enough of their inventory.

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Bevmo finally has Caldera's stuff and they only choose the IPA? Arrrrrrgh

Going 2 Downieville tomorrow, will check the gas station (the 76 on the corner??) for the pale ale or ashland amber (xrossing fingers)
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