Mountain biking can be intimidating to beginners. In a perfect world, riders would get an instruction manual on how-tos and dos and don'ts when they purchase their first mountain bike. "Let's Mountain Bike" is the closest thing to a quick dunk in mountain bike culture. This 278-page book covers nearly every facet of the sport: getting to know your local trails, groupsets, tubeless tire setups, tires choices, training, and much more.

A small excerpt from "Let's Mountain Bike" - inspiring the new rider and stoking the fire.​

Writing a book on every aspect of mountain biking would an impossible task. The author, Paul Molenberg, gives readers a framework for understanding the subtle nuances of the ever-changing mountain bike world, whether it be technical component choices, training, wheel size, and mountain bike culture. "Let's Mountain Bike" covers all the bases for an eye-opening view of the mountain bike world for the freshly shreddy.

Let's Mountain Bike

"Let's Mountain Bike" covers all the basics and then moves to the shredding rock drops and body position.​

"Lets Mountain Bike" Highlights

Beginner-friendly tire and pressure recommendations: Molenberg covers tire selection for cross-country, trail riding, rocks, and all types of terrain encountered on the singletrack. The pressure guide is a great starting point for new riders looking to achieve the best from their equipment.

Trail love: The author explains trail etiquette, respecting wildlife, and other key elements of being part of the outdoor community that are all too often overlooked. Great for new riders and old to start on the right foot, knowing that the trails they enjoy come from hours of hard work and love.

Nutrition and strength training: I love these sections of the book because you can't have a great ride if you're under-fueled and constantly bonking. Strength training is paramount for mountain bikers but frequently overlooked. Strength training is excellent for bone density, injury prevention, and anyone living an active lifestyle. Knowing that you can get faster on your mountain bike through a few good days in the gym is very attractive to the weightlifter in all of us.

Crashing: This is a big deal, lots of books and manuals on riding cover treating the injury, not HOW to fall. This crash clinic is something that I learned from years of skateboarding and it saved my skin (literally) in many races. Knowing how to fall and what to avoid is a key puzzle piece to pushing your limits safely and getting faster and having more fun in return.


"Let's Mountain Bike" author Paul Molenburg enjoying some climbs and breathtaking views near the ocean.​


"Let's Mountain Bike" is a fantastic learning tool for novice and experienced riders worldwide.​

"Let's Mountain Bike" is the book I needed when I brought home that first used mountain bike. Though I gained my knowledge through incessantly annoying the mechanics at my local shop, "Let's Mountain Bike" allows newbies to develop a base of mountain bike knowledge in a short amount of time without frivolous details. The content is in-depth and will cover the basics for many years to come. "Let's Mountain Bike" belongs on the coffee table of every mountain biker as a recruitment tool for all your roadie friends.

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Rating 5.0/5.0

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