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I want that one
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studuck said:
Anyone using these?? I'm looking at the 2.5"s and wondering if they will fit the frame (and Maverick fork) - cheers in advance

Yup. As a front tire. Fits a Marzocchi Z1 no problem (its about 59 mm wide at the nobs). Nice, lite, confidence inspiring in steep and loose stuff w/o too much weight or rolling resistance.
Not too much mud in my part of the world but it doesnt seem to shed very well, if thats an issue for you.
Im also using the Earl (not big earl) 2.4 wire bead for the rear. Has a less aggresive looking tread, but it hooks up very nicely and is very fast.
They both have a dual compound so there suppose to be long lasting, but I cant say since Ive had them for less than 2 months.
Im using them with stans on standard rims and they hold air and take abuse from sharp rocks and poor landings very well.

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Bonty Big Earl

Hi. I've been using a pair of 2.5's on my XCE for the past couple of months. Clearance on the frame is fine (about 10mm on the seat stays and a bit less on the chainstays). Not sure about the Maverick forks but I remember hearing they had a lot of tyre room. I've been using them with Marzocchi MX Comps up front which is a squeeze but ok until it gets really muddy.

So far I've been impressed with the Big Earls. They're great over rocks. No sign of wear yet and fast rolling for a big tyre. No pinch flats either. They're supposed to weigh 750g (folding version) but mine were at least 850g new.

They don't seem to shed mud at all (in fact they seem to collect bucket fulls of it). They're also pretty gripless when things get gloopy compared to the Conti Vertical/Survival pair I used to have. I've been impressed with everything else about them, including the price. Hope this helps.
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