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Bontrager Rhythm or Mavic 321 for All Mountain build?

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I can pick up a set of Bontrager Rhythm Tubeless Ready wheels with Bontrager hubs used but true and good shape for $150. They're a couple years old so I don't know if they're the Elites or Comps. My guess is they're Comps since the rim width is 22mil not 28mil like a lot of the elites have

Or I could pick up a used (rear only) Mavic 321 with DT Swiss hub for 80$. This would match a front Mavic 321 I already own. So I'd be saving 70$.

My question is which is the better wheelset for the amount I'm spending.

I'm in the process of building an All Mountain (Transition TransAM hard tail) rig so I'd like to shave costs when possible to buy other parts but if the Bontrager is a steal and worth the extra money (thus using the mavic as a backup)...

Both wheels are 20mil front /10mil QR rear.
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Are you planning on going tubeless?

The Rhythm would be the easier (and UST spec) tubeless conversion. But otherwise there is nothing special about the Rhythm Comps. In fact, the 321 wheel would be my preferred choice due to the higher quality hub.

Bontrager factory "system wheels" use lower spoke counts than a more "traditional" wheel. If I remember correctly they are a 28h set up for the Rythm series. Not ideal for AM, and deffinately not the way to go if you are a heavier rider. Stiffness deffinately suffers for a heavier rider. If your anything close to 200lbs they'll feel a bit flexy at times. Lighter riders will likely be fine on them. Personally I just won't go anything less than a 32h wheel for an off road bike.

And as mtbiker72 noted, unless you intend to go tubeless, there really isn't anything special about the Rythm wheels. They're good wheels, but nothing to write home about. The TLR system is nice, but otherwise... And you said it yourself, you're looking to save a few bucks here and there. As long as your current front wheel is in good shape, the $80 Mavic/DT wheel is cheaper and will match your front. The only risk is what kind of shape the used wheel is in. That's always a crap shoot.

I'd go with the Mavic/DT wheel if it's in good shape. Your call though.

Good Dirt
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Nice input from both of you :thumbsup:

Tubeless is not a big deal for me so I could have it or not; either way I'd still run tubes. I weigh in at 175 fully geared so not really 'heavy' but I do ride hard and with a hard tail that's even more stress on the wheel. I know me; I'll treat this like a freeride bike. It's all mountain / xc sure, but I have too much fun jumping and being technical; I think the wheels will need all the help they can get.
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