Bontrager Line Pro Pedals Pins

Bontrager Line Pro flat pedals feature pins that have a mushroom head for grip. Removable washers are can be taken out to increase pin height.

What is it?

The Line Pro pedal is Bontrager's entry into the growing flat pedal category. It is a no frills design that focuses on grip and mud-shedding rather than elaborate machining and ultra-thin profiles.

It is not a large platform pedal at 102mm x 99mm. But it feels fairly sizable because of its 17mm thickness. It's no featherweight either at 420 grams with 10 adjustable height pins on each pedal surface.

Bontrager Line Pro Pedals Weight

The 420-gram weight is on the heavier end of the spectrum for flat pedals.​


  • Incredible grip with good pins and concave shape
  • Open design sheds mud and debris well
  • Attractive and durable 6061 alloy construction
  • Easy to use with any platform shoe
  • Uses a traditional wrench as well as 6mm Allen
  • Quiet and wobble-free after months of use


  • 17mm at spindle is on thick side
  • Fairly expensive at $100 for a basic pedal
  • Pins are rather sharp

Bontrager Line Pro Pedals Open Structure

Bontrager Line Pro flat pedals have an open design to shed mud and debris.​

Mtbr's Take

We've used this pedal for about 6 months and really love it. Even though it's not the thinnest, lightest, or widest pedal, it just performs and doesn't call attention to itself.

Its biggest strength is its grip. With a concave shape and 10 long pins, it'll grab hold of any shoe and keep it in place. The pins are fairly unique with several mushroom shaped heads on each pin that grab the shoe, especially FiveTen rubber type soles. One has to almost pop up off the pin heads to reposition their feet.

Another key strength is the open, mud-shedding design. With a 3D structured design, Bontrager was able to keep the spindle area completely open. This enhances the pedal's debris and mud-shedding ability.

Bontrager Line Pro Pedals Compared

Side by side look at Race Face Chester, Canfield Crampon Ultimate, and Bontrager Line Pro pedals.​

But all is not rosy as this is a fairly thick, 17mm pedal in a growing sea of thin pedals. Thus, the rider's ground clearance is lowered a bit making pedal strikes in technical terrain more likely. Rider center of gravity and bike feel is not as dialed as with the newest thin pedals either.

The pedal is quite similar in design to the venerable DMR Vaults that are also 17mm thick. And the Line Pro is affordable but at the same level as the $55 Raceface Chester pedals. Check out how it compares to the rest of the flat pedals in our Round-Up here.

But it definitely serves a purpose as a no-nonsense pedal that works well. It grips the shoe with authority and doesn't call attention to itself. We only wish that it cost less. Somewhere in the $80 range would seem appropriate.

Rating: 4 out of 5
4 Flamin' Chili Peppers

Price: $100
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