Bontrager has introduced an all-new RSL MTB handlebar/stem. This integrated carbon stem and handlebar system is offered in versions for cross-country racing as well as trail riding and enduro racing.

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Bontrager RSL MTB Handlebar/Stem Highlights
  • OCLV Carbon construction
  • Knock Block & standard headset compatible
  • Seamless accessory integration with Blendr
  • Shifter and brake position setup lines
  • 40mm of trim lines on each side
  • 750mm & 820mm width options
  • 0 deg & -13 deg stem rise options
  • 214g - 250g
  • Price: $349.99
  • Available now
  • Visit more information
Integrated But Approachable

RSL, or Race Shop Limited, components are found on Trek's flagship models.
Launching almost any integrated component is a surefire way to get mountain bikers worked up. Bontrager's RSL handlebar does bring with it the same claimed weight savings and stiffness gains as similar bar and stem combinations from brands such as Syncros. Bontrager could have taken things one step further by focusing solely on integration with the company's frame-protecting Knock Block headset system. Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed and the new RSL MTB bars are compatible with Knock Block as well as standard headsets, meaning you can run this one-piece bar on any mountain bike.

The included adapter allows riders to mount RSL MTB to both standard headsets and Knock Block headsets.

Not Just For XC

RSL MTB is available in a wide range of widths and stem rises to suit cross-country, trail, and enduro riders.

Rather than just focusing on the XC market, Bontrager is launching two versions of the RSL MTB handlebar. The XC version is 750mm wide and available with stem lengths 70, 80 or 90mm. The version designed for trail riding and enduro racing is 820mm wide and available with 35 or 45mm stem lengths. Both versions are cutable.

Setup and customization are a breeze with printed brake and shifter position lines plus trim marks on each side.

Integrated bar/stem combos do come with some shortfalls, mainly the inability to roll the bars forward or aft to dial in the preferred about of reach and sweep. It also makes adjusting stem lengths a much more expensive endeavor, as you're replacing your entire cockpit. One integrated feature we appreciate is the addition of Bontrager's Blendr mount for a light, GPS unit, or camera.

Seamlessly integrate select Bontrager lights and computers with the Blendr system. Bases and mounts are sold separately.

Bontrager RSL MTB Handlebar/Stem Specifications and Weights