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Bontrager hub is rebadged Mav or 3rd party?

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Is the Bontrager-badged front hub that Trek sold with their Maverick'ed bikes a rebadging of the Maverick hub itself, or is it produced by a different part "to spec"?
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When the Palomino came out, Maverick licensed the design to Trek (alias Klein). The Mav 24/7 hub which is actually made by Formula, is probably the same hub with the Bontrager logo on it. Formula makes a lot of hubs for other companies so it's even likely they make other Bontrager branded hubs.
Same Spec, but! The Bontrager is 28 spoke only and they do not have "speed" holes on the disc side flange. Made by Formula.
No speed holes? I have the slow one? Daammmmit.

Most importantly, same axle, righteo?
Same axle, bearings, hardware, hub shell. No speedholes but 28 hole.
Sorry to poach this thread, but since yo guys are in the know:
Is the Bontrager hub (or any Mav hub for that matter) convertible to quick release?


Tsk tsk. yes but you would have to machine the parts yourself or get someone to do it for you so its not worth doing. If you want to run the same wheel sets on a wide range of different fork mounts, including Maverick, then you will have to use Hope pro II hubs.... or get handy with a lathe.

See cautionary tales in related thread: can i use hope pro II in maverick forks. Ethans comments on adapting non OEM hubs and conversions should suffice: adaptions and conversion kits are a compromise and unlikely to work as well as the real deal.

IF approved OEM conversions were available it would help sell forks though.....
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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