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I have the option of buying a

1. Bongrager Big Earls wheel set - $500canadian


2. Mavic 519 rims ( Similar to mavic 719 - extreme all mountain...)
XT rear Hub
King Front Hub - ~$760 full retail, I'll probably get a bit of a deal. Could be cheaper with a non-king hub- what are light options?

It will be for a Turner 6pack, I weigh 150lbs, and don't huck more then 3-4 feet.
I will be climbing on this bike for the North Shore stuff, will do some days in the Whistler and Sun Peaks bike park.

I want this bike to weigh ~35lbs.

Thoughts on the Big Earl? vs Building my own?

I dig trails!
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I was super happy with the 02 Bontrager Select wheels I had. 1800 grams and they ended up doing trail riding. The front was 24 spoke. Neither needed any trueing. I sold the bike otherwise I would have kept em.

My buddy has had a similar experience on his Race version which is even lighter, and he rides harder.

How do the Earls hold up? How do you feel being a lab rat? ;)

Some of the Bontrager hubs are DT Swiss. Look and compare.

They say nothing is stronger than handbuilds. And I'm sure you can get better prices than what you wrote up. Is a KK front hub necessary? The rear is going to take the beating, shouldn't you put the $$$ there? A rear XT is like $35 at Jenson.

If you get the Earls, post a review here as we would love to hear how they hold up.

Mr. P
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