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Looking for some replacement tyres as I used to have 29x2.3 XR3's a while back (2014-2017) which were a good trail tyre. Then I saw an XR3 with a claimed 2.4 on a 30mm rim and it looked skinnier than my old 2.3's.

Trek claims they measure the 2.4 tyre width at the tread, not the casing?!? Seems a bit weird to me. Using their logic, they could just add some huge lugs to 25c skinny road tyre and claim its a 2.4?

Here's a comparison of 3 brands 2.4 tyres and their measurement in ISO/ETRTO. With Bontrager "2.4" tyres, it appears you are actually getting closer to a 2.25 or 2.3?

Bontrager 2.4XR3, XR458-622
Maxxis 2.4Rekon, Dissector61-622
Schwalbe 2.4Magic Mary, Wicked Will62-622
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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