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I've got a 2012 Trek Fuel EX that I ride a lot of XC/Trail use. Nothing gnarly or overly aggressive. I'd say I ride the bike well within the intended usage of what the bike was designed around, but I am about 230lbs w/ gear.

I'm looking to get a 2nd set of wheels (using the stock Bont. Dusters/Shimano M525 hubs for commuting use) that are a bit lighter, as strong or slightly stronger, and don't break the bank too bad. I don't have a specific budget in mind, but I'm not looking to spend $2,000 either.

What would be a worthwhile upgrade over the stock wheelset with the criteria I've identified?

I was looking at going with Stans Arch EX/Hope Pro2's, but I'm not sure if these would be overkill, or even a weight savings. As such, I'm seeking some advice.
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