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BC Trail

beagledadi said:
Does anyone ride this trail? There was alot of road and not to much singletrack, did we miss it or was that it? Thanks
Yeah, I've ridden this trail. It's a good way to add some miles onto the Dead Horse/Cottonwood trails.
Certainly, it's REAL sketchy in parts and ends/starts with a long section of road, but with more tire tread traffic it could be a nice, flowy, rippin piece of singletrack. Some repositioning of trail might also help, placing it up and over some more interesting terrain not far from its current location. It needs to be ridden!
I always thought the "BC" on those trail sign posts was some smart ass pointing to the trails at Boulder City. Turns out "BC" stands for Bonnie and Clyde. Who'duvthought?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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