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BONC and IMBA Grouse Trail Work Extravaganza Sept 13 thru 19

BONC Press Release

BONC (Bicyclists of Nevada County) in conjunction with IMBA (International Mountain Biking Association) will be hosting a collection of trail maintenance and sustainability events from Thursday, September 13 through Wednesday, September 19th 2012

Thursday, September 13

IMBA will give an evening presentation "Better Living Through Trails" at 7pm at Nevada City City Hall, 317 Broad Street.

Friday, September 14th

BONC will setup camp at the PG & E Bear Valley/Sierra Discovery Center group camp just off Hwy 20 on Bowman Road. All non-BONC members who want to volunteer for trail work are welcome to camp with us. Night ride will ensue once we get settled.

Saturday, September 15th ***The Big Work Day***

BONC and IMBA will host a trail project at Grouse Lakes trail system, Meet at Sierra Discovery Center next to group camp at 9am. Volunteers will 4X4 to Lower Rock Lake and hike about a mile into the project. Please do not plan to attend the work session if you can't make it to the morning classroom. Wear pants, closed-toe shoes, a hat, gloves and bring water for the trail project.

Sunday, September 16th

BONC will continue additional trail work and include a group ride(s) if there is time.

Monday, September 17th through Wednesday, September 19th will include group rides and any additional trail work projects around the Grouse Lakes trail system.

All trail users groups are more than welcome to come and volunteer for any or all events scheduled.

Please register for free at here
Please bring your own food and water during all events.

For more information:

Home - Bicyclists of Nevada County


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Amazing Opportunity

Thanks BONC for making this amazing weekend available to mountain bikers. I know you've been planing for at least 6 months. We who love mountain biking get to campout in a beautiful spot, improve trails in the fabulous Grouse Ridge area, ride with others of equal skills, and enjoy an IMBA presentation.

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Great weekend! The good folks from BONC, FTA, IMBA and Tahoe National Forest put together a solid weekend of trail building, camping and trail riding! Great to meet everyone, and kudos to all of you BONC'ers for your ongoing hard work!

For those that know the Grouse Ridge area, the section of trail we built (60% complete) will be a key connector between the Grouse Ridge trail and the Lindsay Lake trail, which has always been a brutal H-A-B up, or white knuckle descent, depending on the direction you took it. It was terrible. When the re-route is complete, you'll actually be able to ride up it... and once/if ever the 60+ fallen trees on the Grouse Ridge trail are managed, and the flow of that trail returns, this will be a really great, high sierra 10 mile loop (plus whatever else you add).

The re-route is at the top of the map... I look forward to the day when I can ride this loop again without riding/hiking around or portaging over fallen trees:

...and if we can get the trail down to Sawmill Lake cleared of deadfall, I'd be extra stoked!
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