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Bomb Squads and Evil Lines

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There are all kinds of "Evil Lines." Some consist of rocks. Some of mud. Some of lies such as "the check is in the mail" or "I'll respect you in the morning." Yesterday I confronted one made of water.

I've been playing roadie for the past few days. Took the road bike out for what I hoped was a long, hot and dry ride yesterday.

I was spinning on my favorite country lane when the hot dry day turned suddenly cool and wet. My first reaction was to duck under a copse of trees for shelter. While there I discovered an unknown to me singletrack. I put the information away for later use and hit the road again when the rain eased.

I continued. The rain resumed. I could find no shelter. I got very wet. The rain stopped. Dripping I turned for home. Going not more than 1/2 mile there was a distinct line between wet and dry. Had I turned around a short distance before I would now be dry.

My phone rang. I have gotten into the habit of carrying a phone and even remembering to turn it on occasionally. I still do not stop to make calls when riding.

It was my younger son, (aka Bentley). "Are you riding?" he questioned. "Yes" I responded. "What's up?" I continued figuring something had to be up for him to call.

"Oh, just wanted to know if you wanted to go for a ride in New York City on Monday?"

Surprised, I suggested we go on Sunday to avoid the traffic. (We both have Monday off)

I thought of the heightened terror alerts around the country. I have no fears of riding the bike paths of New York. We have had more excitement in Jersey City where I currently have an office.

Things are not always dull in Jersey City.

Yesterday we had the Jersey City Bomb Squad attack an unattended package with a water canon outside our very window. Blew the crap out of it.

Today, a member of the very same Bomb Squad, in full camouflaged body armor, carefully defused an unattended bag of baked goods in front of the local Dunkin Donuts while numerous police and fire vehicles stood by to deal with any unexpected release of cream filling.

I can't make this stuff up. (Well, I could but I didn't)

Having had people try to blow me up twice already, one has to see the lighter side of things and keep on doing what one always does.

More road riding tonight, a trip to New York on Sunday and a full day of mountain biking at Jim Thorpe on Saturday planned for the immediate future but no surfing this weekend. I'll miss that.

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