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anybody know what size bolts i need to run a truvativ rockguard with a middle ring? i converted a triple ring crankset to a ss crank by taking off the outer and inner chainrings. i have a truvativ rockguard to go with it, but its 10mm or so thick.

the outer ring bolts are way too short and the inner ring bolts arent much better.

everywhere i look, the rockguard bolts are sold out. and i cant find product details to determine what length the bolts and nuts are. i figure i can just use the nuts from the outer bolts, and order some 13mm or 16mm bolts to fit the rockguard and middle ring.

but i wasnt sure about the exact size bolts to get: the nuts from the outer ring are short, and i dont want the bolts to be too short or too loose.

anybody know what size bolts will work for the truvativ rockguard + middle ring and/or where i can find the bolt kits or substitutes?
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