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Bolt size questions

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I have a couple of bolt size questions. What is the size of the bolts used in the X0 grip shifters to clamp to the bar? Also, what about clamp bolts on current generation Magura Marta brake levers. I am looking to replace both of these with Alu bolts and wanted to order them today, so I don't have the parts in front of me to check.

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M4x 20mm but M4x17mm should have enough reach to grip tight to the bars.

...don't forget to use anti-seize or a small dab of grease on the threads

as well as alloy, also used modded Schmolke carbon M4x17mm & currently trying out plastic M4x20mm bolts with our gripsifters


missed that - Marta's need M5x15mm bolts (17mm or 20mm work as well)

were now using plastic bolts there as well, i have the bolts wound up just tight enough to grip the bars but able to move in a crash to help protect the levers.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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