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Bolt replacement on ENO hub

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Oddest thign happened on a ride on Saturday. The small bolt (take a 4mm allen) that holds the eccentric in place, broke/stripped out during the ride causing my hub to fall apart. The only thing still holding it within the drops was the larger bolt (6mm allen).

When I got it home, I pulled the bolt out (actual size 5x15). I was suprised that the bolt was that small. A trip to the hardware store, and I was able to buy a 5x20, 5x25, and 5x30 (both in black steel and stainless). The 5x25 fit fine and allowed me to tighten the eccentric back in, and it rode like a champ on Sunday.

As a note of caution, if you are in the habit of removing that bolt often to change out freewheels (i.e by threading in a 4mm quick release skewer to hold on the freewheel removal tool) make sure that the skewer is all the way in. I also don;t think that there would be any harm in replacing those bolts with a longer stainless bolt as well.

I have been riding this particular hub for 3 years, and never had this happen before.

Anyone else?
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