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That is REALLY FREAKIN COOL!!!!!. We've all been riding up there anyway but it will be nice to have marked trails.

Anyone know if this means avimore can connect to stack now? Does it include all the way to entrance exam?

jalepenio jimenez
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Although it doesn’t seem that long ago to me, I once stood on top of Stack Rock.

It was a little crowded. There were two of us and it’s a pretty small summit.

That had to have been 25-30 years ago, back when you could drive over from BB road, past the few cabins on Wilderness ridge, all the way to the “Rock.” I don’t remember driving in that day, but I’m sure we did.

It was especially hot that summer with multiple big fires burning to the north of Boise and there was a steady stream of retardant tankers traveling to and fro’ between the BIFC (not yet NIFC back then) terminal at the Boise airport and the fires.

There was heavy tanker traffic that day, and as usual, they were returning to Boise via a flight corridor that brought them right over us as we scrambled around on the lower rocks and ate lunch.

That first tanker that came over as we ate scared the living b-jesus's out of us. It was loud, and getting louder, until finally it was directly above us where we could finally see it, and then it was really loud!

Big, ancient, WWII class converted bombers with four throbbing radial engines (and no mufflers) making as much noise as technically possible. It was about as crazy as we could of hoped for.

Soon after, it was followed by a second plane.

“Holy $hit”said we. “Could there be a third coming?”

We jumped up, food flying, and ran across the rock to the south chimney of big, piled boulders that would take us to the top and scrambled over them about as fast as humanly possible.

We could hear another plane coming our way and knew we didn’t have time to spare.

That third plane was getting louder, and as we popped our heads up over the top, and could finally see to the north, the noise near deafening, we see no plane.


AND then, climbing harder than us to clear the rock, it roars up out of the Shafer creek drainage with it’s engines screaming for more power, and there we are, yelling and screaming ourselves silly and waving our arms, as it clears us and Stack Rock by a mere stones throw and begins it’s decent into Boise.

We were laughing and yelling so hard that we nearly fell off the top.

Those were good days alright, but with the ‘Rock” being under new ownership now, hopefully there will still be better days to come for it and it’s surrounding area.

And some much needed TLC for the trails over there!
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