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Bogus work Party ?

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I was wondering if we could get a group together and have a work day to rebuild the stuff at Bogus . I don't know anyone to spread the word so i'm trying here . I would like to see if we could also talk about other line options. If of course anything going to be rebuilt?
Party on. :thumbsup:
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If Ivan the terrible doesn't post here, PM him. He has a relationship built up with Craig up at Bogus and would be needed for other line build options. Taylor Reed also worked with Craig. Problem is, both people are a bit burnt out right now and will not be easy to get them stoked on the Bogus project. There were too few of us putting in the work and the Velopark was a big drain on time. The idea was to get people excited with the park and then enlist those people to hit up the Bogus work days.
My advice, if somebody wants to take the lead have Ivan or Taylor introduce you to Craig and work with him on what the options are. Then post here and on the Velopark site for a crew. I would work but I am also at the burnt out stage where I will leave any planning and coordinating up to others.
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