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A lot of you have been asking lately "what is up with Boggs V?!" Here's the low-down,...

Life at Bike Monkey has been NUTS lately, like mixed nuts at the bottom of a bowl that's had way too many hands in it. So the pre-work for Boggs 8-hour that happened in November last year has been delayed.

Don't let these set-backs discourage you. Boggs V is coming. There's no way in hell that we'd miss out on our 5-year anniversary. Would you?!?!

What we're struggling with right now is the date! We have two options, and rather than assume, we'd like to know what you all feel about them.

So if you're a future Boggs V participant and you had your choice, on the table are:
April 3rd (Easter weekend) -- our first choice
March 27th (NOT Easter weekend) -- our second choice

Keep in mind that April 3rd is 1 week before the Napa Valley Dirt Classic. We don't want to impose on such a long-standing event so we stayed away from April 10th out of respect for the race that gave me my first introduction and serious beat-down to mountain bike racing back in the day.

Boggs V has a total rider cap of 500 participants. Last year we exceeded our stated cap of 400 by almost 80 people. So we feel that 500 is a safe and comfortable PARTY. And nobody can set anything on fire,... I hope. :skep:
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