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I'm on a co-ed team of 3 for the Boggs 8-hour/Enduro race on May 3rd. One of my teammates dropped out so we're looking for a replacement.

If you are a serious racer who craves a podium spot, then our team probably isn't for you.

If you like to ride your bike in a fun atmosphere and hang out with a bunch of nice people in between laps, then you'll probably have fun. You'll probably need to arrive Friday the 2nd sometime to set up a tent and hang out. The race starts early Saturday.

We're part of the Annadel Mountain Bike Group (AMBG), a bike club that puts drinking, eating and hanging out on par with biking.

The race has an optional Enduro part -- a hill climb on Friday May 2nd, and a Downhill on Sunday the 4th. We're just doing the 8-hour part as a relay. I think to do the enduro you have to do the 8-hour solo.

pm me if you're interested.
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