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Boggs 8 & 24 race day reg.

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There will be race day reg from 8:00 to 10:30 at the Coolest 8 & 24 at Boggs. Looks like the big guns are coming. Tinker, Mike Harrison, Brian Sevall, Brad Cole, Dez Wilder, Kevin Smallman, Todd Richardson, Sean McDevitt. Looks like DJ Steven Seaweed from the "Bone"radio station in SF is coming to race and have a good time.
Don't forget to bring some fire wood and lots of water.The course is running clock wise and will have some changes in the course from the 8hr of Boggs back in March.The Course will be marked friday morning for a per ride. All racers go off at 12:00. There will be a charging station there. Auburn Bike Works will have a someone there to work on your bikes. We will be cooking up some great BBQ for dinner.
Some great Mountain Hardwear prizes along with other gifts from Hammer, Nuun and MadCat bicycles, Auburn Bike Works. We have some great beer for all the racers!! This event is single track heaven for all of you that don't like the fire roads.:thumbsup:
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Right on. Does anyone know cell phone service is in the area? I remember a friend was able to call on and off while driving nearby but not sure about the actual camping area.
I was able to get weak reception at the campground during the Boggs 8hr in March. Good enough to make a few calls. That was on AT&T.
if i can move my landscaping side job from saturday to friday i may hit this up, gonna be at clear lake sunday anyhow

would be cool to meet the "weed man" in person
Just signed up...

looking forward to it!:thumbsup:
Glad to hear it, but looks like you were put into the regular 30-39 Solo 8hr instead of Pro. ;)

Roger___ said:
looking forward to it!:thumbsup:
LOL, not a category for me...

I think maybe I burned all of my life's matches the last few years. I'll even be on gears! :D
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