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Well I got her put together but not all the bling has arrived yet as well as my means to run a front peg. Gold DangerBoy mechanical levers, gold nipples, gold headset, and bar ends will top it off.

-BMW Park Bike
-Funn Stiffy Rigid Fork
-Alex DM 24in rear wheel
-Halo Tornado 24in front wheel
-FSA Nasty Boy 3 pc crankset with Eastern BB
-Profile Imperial 25t sprocket(gold) 10t rear cog
-KMC SS chain (gold)
-Profile Slim Jim Seat Clamp(gold)
-Thompson Seat post
-Shadow Conspiracy Crow Seat(black/white)
-Shadow Con. grips
-Shadow Con. bar ends
-Deity Handlebars (black)
-DangerBoy Stem
-Avid BB7 brakes
-FSA pig HS

Those are the parts that are on the bike as of now, when my new stuff comes in I will post up some new pics.

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I like my kiniption, with a "passion", haha... but agree, not for dirt in the front...

Phillip, what rear hub are you running, with a 10t cog? very nice ride by the way, smooth operator. post up some pics when you get some dangerboy mech levers.

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I'm not sure how that forks thru-axle works, but I was able to run a peg on the left of my Manitou with a bolt that threads into the 20mm TA. You're lucky you grind on the right side or the discs would trashed.

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sweet new park!

dang it seems everyone is all over those dangerboy levers,
and i just saw them online today.
let us know how they are once you've gotten/ridden em!

enjoy, the park is a great bike.
i run mine 39/16, 1 brake, sherman jumper.
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