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BMC Trailfox rear shock help

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I have a 2007 BMC Trailfox 01 with a DT Swiss SSD 190L rear shock.

The shock works fine except the lockout doesn't seem functional. When I turn it on, the shock gets stiffer but does not completely lockout.

I thought that maybe the seals need servicing so I've done some search and it seems like the correct seal kit for this shock is the XR Carbon/XM 180* seal kit. Unfortunately, no one seems to carry this kit anymore. I did find a SSD210L/SSD225 seal kit which seems to be available overseas. Since this is a 210L seal kit, I am assuming it will work for the 190L but I have been unable to find any info on compatibility.

Does anyone know if this kit will work or does anyone know of a different kit that would work on the 190L?

Thanks in advanced for any info.
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I emailed DT Swiss about a seal kit for the SSD 190L, they're sending me a free kit. Awesome!
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