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Blur XCc frame and shock weight

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Can anybody help me with the actual weight of a medium Blur XC carbon with a RP23 shock.If I am going to spend the equivalent of $3200 in South Africa I need the real weight for a proposed build.
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According to Santa Cruz, The frame weight of a MED size with a Monarch 3.3 shock is, 4.3lbs (1.952kg).

You can likely find the weight of both the Monarch 3.3 and Fox RP23 on the web and do the math to solve for X.
SC website is pretty damn close. The Large Tallboy was supposed to be 5.2 lbs. My weighed in at 5.26 with the seat colar. Close enough.
I weighed my Medium with a Monarch and the seatclamp installed. It came to 2.03Kg.
yeah, santa cruz hasn't been fu**ing with people on their claimed frame weights. My large xc carbon with fox rp23 is claimed at 4.45 and guess what, on my hanging scale it came in at...... 4.45.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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