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Hope some of you experienced Blur owners might be able to help me w/ a question...

I am going to go FS this year and plunk down the $$ for a XC. Last year I upgraded my old fork to a F80X. The fork has performed flawlessly on my Klein, and if anything was a little more than the frame was designed for (increased the head tube angle slightly). So, I was wondering if anyone rides an '05 XC with an 80 mm fork. If so, how is the performance of the bike? Will the nature of the Blur and the shock over power this fork, or can I tune rear sag and air pressure to match up well with an 80mm fork? I notice that Santa Cruz specs Blur XC's with at least a 100mm. Since I am going to have to buy disc brakes also (on Chris King hubs) I can't really afford $1000 for a new fork. Any tips, suggestions anyone might provide would be much appreciated. Oh, I ride in Oklahoma, so no significant climbing, just fast, hard packed singletrack, but trails with ruts and roots. Thanks all.

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