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Ive had my back tire roll off 3x in the past week on a 3 week old blur xc. Its a panaracer xc rear tire, I am wondering if the bead is just bad. Its on mavic 717 wheels.

All 3 times I was moving pretty good and pow, 2 times it poped like a shotgun and the 3rd time yesterday it rolled the thing off so far that the tube shot out and twisted all up like a intestine, hehe it blew up to about 6 inches around and all over the place.

Long story short its very frustrating. I cant tell if the rear triangle is flexing or what.

I am going to get a new tire this week just to make sure. BTW I can put the tire back on the rim without any tire tools just using one hand on each side and work my way up, maybe the bead stretched after the first roll.

And ideas? Thanks.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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