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Blur XC HA

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The 69.5 degree head tube angle on the Blur XC is with a 100mm fork, correct? Anyone with time running both 100mm and 120mm have any thoughts?
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Yes, 69.5 degree HA is with the 100mm. I run a 100mm and it feels plenty slack enough for me, but I came from a 70 degree HA bike. Slightly slack, but very quick responding without being twitchy is how I would describe it. I also run an 80mm stem with 0 rise.
I use a 120mm fork and came from a slack 67 degree all mountain bike. I'd also say that the stock angle is great (i think it's 69deg with the 120mm?). I think there is even talk from Cane Creek about making an angleset for 1 1/8 ht. That would give you plenty of angle options.

Today was actually my first ride on this frame and I took it on a pretty rocky 10m singletrack loop in New England. It was by far the best bike I have ridden on 1track, and it blew me the hell away honestly. Both up and down it felt amazing. It was on a loop I know really well and it was so weird that my lungs were running out of gas before the bike could not climb. The shorter chainstays and light frame were so amazing to climb with i can't get over it. I use a 1x10 setup with a MRP chain guide which was butter and the bike is quiet. If you are considering this bike for like a crossover between all mtn and XC, do it. I was also looking a the LTc and the Mojo SL but I'm so glad I went this route.

I was so siked on the ride home that I wanted to write here and tell Santa Cruz thank you thank you thank you for making such a perfect MTB frame.

Take care,

PS - THANK YOU SC you guys rock.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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