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Blur XC carbon vs. Alu sizing. How different are they?

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I have been riding a small Blur for nearly 6 years and I assume it's the classic model. I just received my new carbon bike and it seems a bit on the big side. Since no shops carry carbon or smalls I had to rely on website info. I did compare geometry between the old and new models and they didn't seem too off, yet my bike feels totally different. Is anyone else experiencing this?

I've only been on one ride so maybe I need to give it more time.
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I'd take some measurements of your old Blur and try and reproduce them on your new Bike, as a starting point.
don't know

I have an XC, maybe will upgrade at some point, and I'd like to know. Keep us posted as the old ones ran small IMO. I ride a large XC Alu, and I wish it were a bit smaller, but the med is too small.
I went on a couple more rides and it feels like the front wheel is really far out, kind of like I'm on a chopper or something (exaggerated of course). I assume this would be due to the headtube angle? I think my only solution is to move the seat forward and maybe get a longer stem (90 to 100mm) to get more weight over the front wheel.

I was not able to climb anything steep like I normally do- it was like the front wheel wanted to come off the ground. Very frustrating :(
I went from a lay back seat post to an in-line, that helped, me with climbing on my Heckler, similar effect as moving your seat forward.
Blur Sizing

My Carbon Blur seems shorter than my blur xc
Argh, just noticed the sizing chart differences on the SC site. Crud. I'm 6' 1.5" so I'm right on the cusp of their L ans XL in the XC carbon. I have only test ridden a 2008 Alu XC, and Large seemed about right, or maybe a teensy bit small ... which makes me think maybe XL for the carbon. BUT I've been on bikes that were too small and others that were too big, and I'd take too small any day ...

Dang it, nobody local seems to have any XC carbons in stock (unsurprisingly) ...
6'-1/4" on a Large

Be aware that the 19.5" seat tube length is actually just over 19-1/8" center to top. I had to go to a Thompson 410mm post, my 369mm was over the max line. I have long legs though and run the seat 32" center of BB to top of seat. An XL would have been too long for me.
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