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here are a couple of 30.9s...

....that I have looked at

no set-back (ie straight)
-thomson (350/400mm)
-easton zero carbon (400mm)

set back (ie with offset)
-richey wcs non-carbon (350), pro non-carbon (400) & comp (350)
-thomson (350/400)
-easton MTB (350), EA50 & 70carbon (350), EA70(400)
-Race Face Next, XY, Atlas, Diabolous, evolve (all 350)

An option is running a normal post, say 27.2 with a shim up to 30.9 (USE makes a good one here in Europe) - this is a clean (and light) solution, but a pain if you are moving your post up and down a lot. I guess if you want a full combo (bar, stem, post, headset, crank) you can't go past Race Face. But I have to say my fave is still Thomson because the black anodising is of a very high quality and doesn't rub off when you move your post up and down a lot....and it combines great with the new X4 stem!
Grüsse Anthony

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Thanks guys!

I went with a shim and am using my old Thompson 27. However just putting it on reminded me why I hate it so much. Tightening those two bots is a pain. So I'm going to look for something with one bolt - or two that aren't so poorly placed - and a bit of set back.

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