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Blur riders - is the Blur 3 still a good bike?

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I need a new full-sus xc bike - the choice is a Blur 4 (C frame S model) or a Blur 3 (CC frame XO), both roughly at the same price point. Ideally, I think, I'd like a Blur 4 with the CC frame and XO, and preferably with Reserve wheels, but ... that's the choice I have. There are, of course, other options, the Scott Spark and the Specialised Epic, but in terms of availability and brand preference it's a choice between the two blurs. I'm a bit spoilt, I already have a Tallboy 4 (140mm fork) for trail biking, and a Highball 2 for xc, and a Stigmata for cx and light gravel, but I want a light xc bike for my regular xc riding - the Highball is harsh and I'm using it mainly for bike packing. So, my preference in terms of specifications is the Blur 3 - better composite frame and everything else up a level, or the 4 - in theory lighter but with only a C frame and everything else not so good. Any thoughts?
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We have the same deliberation. I have a great hardtail for bike packing and general thrashing and want a 25lb XC FS for endurance trail riding and time attacks. I prefer the aesthetics and availability of the Blur 3 but lightness, tidier cables and three water bottles of the Blur 4 is a strong pull. Either bike I'd have the new reserves and build up with XT. My dream bike would be gloss finish Blur 4 CC XT. My other contender is the LUX CF-9 but little heaver at 27lb and who knows when it will be available.
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