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edbraunbeck said:
I've logged several miles on the Pivot. Can anyone provide a ride comparison of the two?



I think right now it's too early to make a comparison between both. The Mach 5 has been around for, what? six months? And when was the BLT2 released?

Unless one works in a bike shop, I don't know if someone has spend time on both for a comparisson.

I haven't ridden any of them. I was looking for a Mach 5 a while back, but went elsewhere. The BLT2 looks also pretty much a great bike to ride! But I don't know if, even when both bikes are around 5" (more or less), I think that the M5 is more XC stuff, while the BLT2 goes more into hardcore, maybe not Nomad-tought, but probably tougher.

I think that SC fixed some issued I would have had on the BLT (pivots), but that's what I think. I wasn't intrested in the BLT when it came out, but probably now I would be intrested on the BLT2.

Take this with a grain of salt, since I haven't had time on either....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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