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Test: Santa Cruz Blur LT
In 2005, the Blur LT in the U.S. market, has become the cult Bestsellers Schmiede surfers from the town of Santa Cruz.
Easy, drive-neutral, nimble - a typical U.S. Bike Trail. Yet Californians now turned the screws to each of the 08er Blur LT is a complete redevelopment. Especially the deep-drawn very top tube, then, offers much scope for handling. In addition, details such as the enthusiasm of foreign schmierbare lower or the upper swing lever made of carbon. The main change is but the increased by 15 mm fork mounting, the use of fork with 140 to 160 mm stroke allowed. MB chose a custom design with the formidable Fox 36 Talas, resulting in the shallowest angle in the field test showed. Nevertheless, the Blur by the low bracket, the deep focus on the short wheelbase and extremely versatile, adapts to the relaxed, but not too compact seating position. In the revised increase shines VPP Kinematics propelled neutrality, only on a small leaf is something setback pedal felt. Downhill, the rear with 138 mm stroke less free than the competition, but already operates in the lower area of travel wonderfully sensitive and dynamic.
Typical VPP: Under chain is the rear after the passing of obstacles at lightning speed, instead of diving - great for an active driving.
Perfectly balanced, sovereign of the Tour until Enduro ride - the Blur LT convinced everywhere. Even with "only" 138 mm stroke in the rear.
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