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I recently swaped out the frame of my old hardtail with a Blur classic with a 5th element air shock.

Took my first ride yesterday and had a blast. Bike feels great! But either I'm a bit rusty or the front end is a little twitchy steering wise. I've been thinking about replacing my old forks anyway. It's a 2000 Manitou SX Ti and maybe it's time to upgrade.

How would an 80mm versus a 100 (or 130) travel fork steer differently. Any suggestions as for shocks to look at? Something I don't have to do much to maintain would be best. Light would be nice but feel is more important. I need vbrake mounts.

I ride XC type trails. I'd rather climb than bomb down hills and weigh 160#. I'm not much on catching air but yesterday I took jumps I've been bypassing for years. I love this frame!!


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2000 Manitou SX Ti Travel?

Hi Bill,
What's the travel on that old fork of yours? 80mm?

As a general rule, a shorter travel fork would increase your head angle and make steering faster (or twitchy) and a longer for would decrease and slacken your head angle making steering slower but more stable. I don't think the Blur classics were designed for 130mm forks but lots of people were riding with them anyways.

How much do you want to spend?

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You want something around 100-105mm

That should put you right around what the frame was designed for, AFAIK. The Blur XC is designed to take a 100-105mm max, fork and I'd use that as a guide.
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