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No longer riding a haro!
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Hey folks, how's it going? I haven't been to the site in a few years ...

I ride an 06/07 Blur 4x with an equally old RP23 rear shock. I love the rear shock for a majority of my trail riding, but I have some solid looking options to upgrade this year. I recently picked up some hook ups with Fox shox and Cane Creek.

I'm looking to replace the stock shock length of 7.875x2.0 to a 7.875x2.25" stroke shock to increase travel from 115mm to about 135mm. Would you fellow owners recommend a new 2011 RP23 with boost valve, or a coil RC4 shock?? I would be willing to take the extra weight of the coil shock if it provides a much better feel than the new rp23. I run an RC4 on my downhill bike and like it a lot, almost as much as the double barrel's I have ran in the past. I ride the blur 4x very aggressively with lots of downhill, jumping, and slalom action as well as all mountain. Hence the desire to upgrade to more travel, as well as coil feel.

It is slightly out of my budget currently, but I would also consider an upgrade to a double barrel on the bike.

Thanks for any opinions!

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