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As far as I remember, S.C mentioned lifetime warranty on bearings....having said that, the part that doesn't make sense is that you would have to send them the old ones first ??? I would call and check with them.

I changed all the bearings on the lower link after 3 yrs, (02 blur classic) using the ones on a Propack ordered from them. Last week I replaced the lower link (to a new model without the holes that exposed the axles to crap), and the replacement bearings are starting to feel crunchy, but they still spin fine. I learned not to hose the bike at all, that probably helps to increase the life on them.

You're going to need their tool to get them back in, it's hard to back them fully into the bores and get them to bottom against the lower link faces without it.

I don't think it's worth going to upgrade bearings, the seals are so exposed to crap that eventually any bearing it's going to die
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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