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blue spokes

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where can i find some blue butted spokes for my next wheelset? all ive found are straight gauge spokes.
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that's all i've found as well. the only option i can think of is to get your spoke of choice and have them powder coated.
The bulk of the XC wheel sets at bicyclewheelwarehouse include a spoke option for blue double butted spokes, but not many of the AM ones do yet. The spokes are not available for individual resale though.
ok, thanks for the BWW part. they use ION spokes that come in blue. hellonwheels sells them for 1.75 each or you can go with the marwi Ti. for 8 bux each.
Spokes in any color you want.........

....right here!! ;)
Anyone know where i could find those spokes or at least any blue butted spokes?
yep, its called I9. thats what i ended up doing last week. stainless isnt that easy to color apparently other than black. i talked to a powdercoater 2 weeks ago about doing it and he said it can be done but would take some time to take up the threaded end.
i have the loaded blue spokes from beyondbikes, there a beautiful blue but there heavy as hell. have any idea how much it takes to anodize spokes?
steel can not be anodized.
so that would mean colored spokes are just painted?
facelessfools said:
so that would mean colored spokes are just painted?
colored steel spokes are painted (powder coated).
aluminum (I9, mavic) and titanium (marwi) spokes can be anodized.
thanks for the input. i checked out I9, they make some beautiful wheels.
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