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I think it's more about fun and showing up... Put the screws to the tires and go for it! I'm planning an epic MTB ride this weekend again if the snow clears or else I would be there! I wonder if they are having anymore of these events?:thumbsup:

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njhcx4xlife said:
Has anyone ever done this race before? Its seems cools but I'm not sure if the full on DH rig might be a bit too much bike. Any info would be appreciated.
Never been to this one, but they used to have a similar race at Jack Frost. Speeds are more dependent on snow conditions than anything else. Pray it's not warm that day, cos deep slush makes carrying momentum hard, especially approaching drops/jumps. I saw many-a-faceplant at jack frost because there was a drop near the bottom of the course and guys were struggling to get the front wheel up. It got kind of ugly, but it was a fun event.

Re: bike choice? I don't know if I'd want a 40+ lb DH bike!
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