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Here's a forum thread and link to some web pages showing what's going on and will happen at Blue Mound State Park. Make sure you download the new trail map if you go there. There is a map link on the web pages listed in the thread. It is a newer map than any printed at the park or currently available on the WORBA site.

The linked site and photos will explain all that has happened and will happen at Blue Mound.

Please consider joining the work days. These trails depend entirely upon volunteers, and we need you to help us take one of the best riding places around from great to incredible.

Pacific Cycle (GT, Mongoose, Schwinn) and the Trek Store (Gary Fisher, Klein, Trek) just pledged schwag and other goodies worth real money to volunteers. Details for the promotions are being worked out ASAP. That aside, the more we work the more we have to ride.

We hope to see you at the next Blue Mound work days:

Saturday 4/23/05
Saturday 4/30/05
Saturday 5/7/05
Saturday 5/14/05

All workdays are 10am-2pm unless specifically scheduled otherwise. Check for signs near the park entrance.

Thank you.
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