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Hey guys,
BARTA is in desperate need of assistance in planning and putting on the Blue Diamond to Jean ride this year. The BLM requires us to submit our route plan 6 months ahead of time and with the heavy rains this winter we are concerned about access to our checkpoints and the overall condition of the trail. So we are very seriously considering changing the format of the ride from a point-to-point to a fully supported 30+ mile epic ride using our Cottonwood Trail System.

However, we won't be able to put on any ride unless we get some people to seriously commit to help the BARTA board produce this ride. Soooo, please volunteer and help us keep our fall tradition alive.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. I really don't want to see this ride fade away. Especially after last years record event where we raised $5,000 for Eric and Tina Hayes.


Here is our Official BARTA statement:

Fellow Riders:

2005 would mark the 10th annual Blue Diamond to Jean ride. However, with the amount a trail damage done by the recent rains and lack of scouting time to determine the viability of the route, we are considering transforming the ride this year into a Blue Diamond Epic. This would consist of a 30+ mile ride beginning and ending in Blue Diamond, NV.

Unfortunately, BARTA board members are in a time crunch this year and in order to make this happen, we will need several people who are willing to commit to helping us with planning and staging the event.

Regardless, we will continue to join up for group rides and/or trail work on the third Saturday of each month. We have made progress this year in trail maintenance and appreciate all those who have joined us in improving the local trail system.

Together as Mountain Bikers, we garner the respect and support of the BLM as we continue to push for improved trail networks and right of ways. Alone, we are fragmented and easily pushed aside by more organized user groups.

If you wish to help plan and stage a 2005 Blue Diamond Epic, please reply and provide us your contact information. If not, we look forward to seeing you either out on a ride or helping us improve our trails.


Rob Haze
President - BARTA

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Count me in Matt

I'll help as much as i can. I will also be able to make next saturday morning.(16th) Up until the end of may though, I'm a bit in a time crunch coaching my son's soccer team. Also, what is planned for the trailwork next week? If you want to scedule a scout of the rainbow garden area or any barta board events , send me a PM. I have not yet had the time to get out there again.
See ya on the trails!

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I'm sure Harry and I will be able to help... but we have no idea what goes into planning or staging a MTB event. We're more than happy to grab a rock rake or two and help with trailwork, or help scout areas out (if you don't mind a couple of slowbies tagging along). Let us know what we can do, and we'll do our best :)

- Jen.
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