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What went wrong? It looked fairly reasonable in the 2nd pic.

It's hard to say exactly what went wrong. You know how it goes...someday's you're the fly...someday's you're the windshield. But, VonHeckler was killing it up until that section. This move is called the "Final Exam". It's a nasty piece, no doubt. You have to navigate a tiiiight left hander,which drops you into a hole. You really have less than a bike length to be lined up. If you are lined up and pull the trigger...the rock spine narrows rather quickly into maybe a 3-4" section. If you slip off to the left or right, bad things are likely in your future.

I won't ride this line unless I'm totally feeling it. I pass on it most times.

The Final Exam from Steve Gordenker on Vimeo.

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I'm trying to decide when the "oh sh!t!!!" occurred, picture 3 or 4?
Pic 3 for me!

You get that moment when the front wheel stops moving, your weight starts to shift forward, everything goes quiet and time stands still....

You're eyes scan the ground for a landing spot, the ass end of the bike starts to swing out while your feet try to disengage from the pedals... [Pic 4]

And then time starts moving again... At twice the normal speed!!! Sound returns and the next thing you know you're in a pile of bike, rocks and dust.

Waiting for the pain...
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