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Bloat! WTF??

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I've lost about two pounds due to working out at least 1 hr/day at the gym (sometimes nearly 2 hrs) on the elliptical machines. I also do some Nautilus and ab work.

My diet is 99% vegetarian, but bloating has never been a problem before. Now, it looks like I'm carrying a medicine ball around in my gut! :( My stomach has always been relatively flat (because fat prefers to hang out below my waist) and I can't figure out what's causing this. It's not related to my cycle so I can't blame that.

I can't figure out what the deal is. Everything else with my health is status quo.
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I'd say it's been consistent, maybe even a bit more now that it's so humid out. I have been drinking a couple of glasses of seltzer water each day, that might be part of the reason.

Caffeine has been the usual- one large iced coffee each morning, and I resist the temptation to get another one in the afternoon. Technically, I'm drinking less coffee than before, since the iced version is smaller and more watered down than the hot extra-large coffee.

Damn, maybe it's the salt then? Wouldn't the extra fluid counter it though?
Food intolerances can cause bloat

I recently got tested and discovered I have a number of food intolerances. Milk products make me look about 4 months pregnant if I'm stupid enough to eat them. I have the same problem with corn or peanuts. I've learned to avoid the things I can't tolerate.

A good primer on the subject is a book called The False Fat Diet, by Dr. Elson Haas (MD). Despite its hokey title, the book is full of valuable information on food reactions and their effect, as well as how to overcome them.

If you find you bloat up for no apparent reason, then it could be from eating something you don't tolerate.

Mary Ann
Is it gas? The seltzer, if that is new, could cause it, as can food intolerances, or a lack of enzymes. Acidopholis is supposed to help. You can get that at places like GNC or health food stores. That would be localized to your stomach, too.

Sodium can cause water retention, though it seems like that would be all over, but maybe more noticable in your stomach.
go see your doc if it doesn't go away. maybe you have fibroids (not uncommon).
I've had similar issues for quite awhile, and I really love dairy- I eat lots of yogurt, milk, ice cream, you name it. So, it just occured to me that I may be mildly lactose intolerant. I decided to give up eating dairy products, and only drinking soy milk..I did this a week ago and I noticed a difference. I have still been drinking an occasional milkshake from Mcd's but in general, I have been feeling better and less bloated.
Impy said:
go see your doc if it doesn't go away. maybe you have fibroids (not uncommon).
What are fibroids?
porterjack said:
What are fibroids?
Here is the info if you want to know:

Many women have them and the majority of the time they go away with menopause. In RARE situations they have to be removed.
It may not be the lactose in milk giving you the trouble

Lactaid is doing swift business, but it only helps if the problem is with the lactose. My issue is with the protein in the milk (aka why, casein). No amount of lactaid will touch that.

It's true that when you eliminate you can usually go back and have small amounts without trouble. The doctors I read usually recommend eliminating a suspect item for at least 2 weeks to identify it as a sensitivity (you'll react next time you eat it). And then once you know you react to it, stay away from it for 3 to 6 months to allow your system to recover. Some food reactions take longer, or are for life. In my case, I think milk has, and always will be a problem for me.

Mary Ann
This is the

theseballs said:
I'm sorry you're having trouble w/ bloating. I'm not sure what the problem is, but I suspect high sodium intake. I don't mean to change the subject, but my balls hurt on epic rides. My leftie goes from being peanut sized to like a walnut. Do you think it's my salt intake.

steve3 said:
Gosh, don't try to scare her.

Is anyone going to throw endometriosis out there?
If anyone is qualified to be dispensing medical advice around here, it would definitly be Impy.. being an M.D. and all.

I was going to try to scare her with something like a cyst. I've heard horror stories of people discovering huge (benign) cysts in the female reproductive areas. Perhaps she should go to her doc just to make sure everything is where it's supposed to be and there there aren't any extra things that shouldnt. It probably is just bloat, but you can never be to safe.
no! guys should just no when to keep it shut

Maybe guys should understand when to keep going no responce required.
Yeah, I know, go see the doctor, but I'm w/o insurance at the moment. Of course, *that's* when everything goes wrong, huh?! :roll:

My mother has fibroids, and considering my last bunch of odd symptoms, maybe I should look into that.

Don't think it's lactose intolerance, although last week I did have some yoghurt a couple of days in a row. I don't eat much dairy.

First I'll try to eliminate the seltzer, but I've always loved salty foods and it hasn't been a problem before. Seltzer is the only new craving I've been indulging in lately.
Dairy might not be the culprit for you

It's just what I'm sensitive to. There could be other foods that cause you to bloat. Most common are: wheat, dairy, soy, eggs, sugar, corn, and peanuts. Citrus is also very common (another one of mine), but it could be something rather esoteric. Bloating is also not the only symptom of food sensitivities--it varies by food and by person. One of the best clues to figure out what you might be reacting to: what you crave! Other risks: any food you eat daily.

I'm not an expert, just getting rather knowledgeable after dealing with mine for the last 8 months. I'd check out Dr Haas' book. He explains how to find out if you have sensitivities/allergies. You don't even need to see your doctor (most aren't trained in this anyway).

Good luck figuring out what's causing your bloat.

Mary Ann
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